Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, and more snow...

Snow days for those of us that live in a perpetual state of high school are usually AMAZING things- I get so excited I hardly sleep, checking outside every time I wake hoping for even a tiny glimpse of those little, white flakes. The particularly glorious snow days are the ones when school is cancelled early the night before - giving me plenty of time to turn off my alarm clock, settle in with a good book my Kindle, and read until hours of the night I haven't seen since my 20's.

Then, the day begins with NO ALARM! Oh, I don’t usually sleep late (see: too excited to sleep because it’s snowing) – but it just FEELS better, waking when your body tells you it’s ready – not when the horrid, screeching electronic device scares you out of a previously restful state.

There is a tie for “next on my snow day” list: What movies to watch? and… What to cook/bake? More food is prepared in this house on any given snow day than the entire holiday season. I think it is the joy of knowing that were it not for the snow gods, we would be eating leftovers or sandwiches. And movies? Sometimes I catch up on those that have been on my list since school started - and sometimes I re-watch old favorites… Gone with the Wind, Look Who’s Coming to Dinner, Point Break (hey, don’t knock it – Keanu Reeves at his hottest).

This year - we've had a few more “days off” than I really wish for… make-up days in June are Yuk, at best. But we’ve been given a beautiful, white canvas one more time this year and I for one, am going to enjoy it while it’s here. So, I’m off to the last – but not least important number on my snow day list this year: playing in the snow with Nzuri!