Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jordan Elizabeth

August 9, 1991. The high was 86 degrees. Hot. Especially when you're carrying around an extra 20 pounds. Of baby. But she desided to grace us with her pressence a couple of weeks early (thank you Father!) and arrived today. Well this evening actually.

Jordan Elizabeth. I'm very proud of that name... I think it's strong, yet feminine. She can be an attorney, or a poet, or an enginneer, or a sculptor, or the president.. and have a great name for the television commercials and t-shirts. In 1991, Jordan doesn't appear on the top 10 list of popular baby names at all (I'm glad it isn't one of those fad names of the year). Elizabeth in at #9 on the female list. It's a classic, beautiful and everyone loves the way it sounds. (I know now that it also fits her, she's fabulous.)

My daugher Jordan is turning 17 today. I can't believe it. How in the world did the time pass so quickly? She was just a child... yesterday? I guess not, but wow did the time fly. Haha, I guess because it's been so fun :-)

-- Some celelbs who share a birthday with my darling daughter... Sam Elliot (1944)-he's one of my all-time fav actors... Melanie Griffith (1957)-another fav actor... Whitney Houston (1963)-one of the most amazing voices of my generation... "The Rugrats" cartoon series began in August of 1991 -- 3 hostages who had been captured in Beirut and held for more than 5 years by rebels were released in Lebanon -- Terminator 2 was in the top 10 list of movie releases -- I Do It For You by Bryan Adams was #1 on the Billboard Charts --It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over by Lenny Kravitz was #5 (I love Lenny Kravitz so had to mention this one) --check out more fun 8/9/91 facts @ --

She and her Dad shopped hard for her birthday present. A Nikon Coolpix somethin somethin. It's tiny, pretty and has all the feautures and megapixels they could find. He loves taking pictures, she wants to learn and is excited. I love watching them both - especially together. It's like they soak information from each other. Sometimes getting so deep into conversations about a particular battle of some long ago war... or the environmental impact of human society on the Earth and what we need to be doing about it... that I have to yell at them to go to bed! Their relationship has helped strengthen my Faith. Only a loving, powerful God could have sent me a best friend that would also be the perfect parent for both our children. What a blessing!

Sorry, back to Jordan. She will be a senior this year (I think I whined about that on my last blog).. and has a rigorous academic schedule ahead of her. She seems to be excited - and I think she's going to have a great year. But WoW - she's SEVENTEEN!!

Back to 1991. It was a great day - Jeremy was 3-years-old and had spent the summer running around barefoot and shirtless. He and I napped together, swam a lot and got ready for our new baby. I had a doctor's appointment around 11 o'clock. Jeremy went to spend a couple of hours with our neighbors Ed and Brenda. They were like grandparents - Jeremy loved being there. At the doc's office, we found out that I was dilated to about 5 (OMG - Get to the hospital - he said!!) As ready as I was.. I had to run home and see Jeremy, grab a bag, get something to eat (I wasn't going to go without lunch for Heaven's sakes!). Finally - at this great little hospital in Danville, Arkansas I settled in. Mom and Dad got there, we visited...watched some baseball... the contractions got stronger... I yelled at someone to turn OFF the baseball... and soon, VERY soon after - Jordan was born.

The first thing I remember is being scared because I didn't hear her cry. I frantically asked the doctor if she was ok (I have a loud voice anyway, no telling what I sounded like) - she cried strong and beautifully, and he said, "Don't you want to know if it's a boy or a girl"? Holy Cow! I had forgotten that I didn't even know (the boy name that was picked out is long forgotten)! Some of the memories are faded... but I do remember that he handed her to me, and she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen (Jeremy was beautiful also... but sorry dear, she was the prettier newborn :-). Seventeen years later - she's even more beautiful. And I couldn't be more proud.

Happy Birthday, Jordan Elizabeth! I love you very much!!!

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locamama said...

OMG... just so you know...I am reading, every time you post. I love this one...some past, some present, some future... from a new mommy to an old one (not referring to age here), thank you for your reflections...