Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{Grad School Post} Concept Attainment Model

As I've studied the Concept Attainment Model this week, I've really struggled with my opinion of the value. I was convinced today. I have the joy of being able to work with Janette Bales (also an ASTL student taking this course) who is an EAST facilitator I've always "clicked" with. Janette filmed her lesson today and I watched it 'work'. I believe the students gained the information in the lesson, but also gained a little better understanding - of learning.

I plan to film my lesson tomorrow. I will be using this lesson to teach presentation skills. In the EAST environment we use presentations for many reasons. Our students present project ideas and budget requests to school administrators as well as community members outside of the school. They present their projects and learning obtained in the EAST environment to each other and to students outside of the EAST classroom. They also present this information to their facilitator - for grading purposes. Of course, they learn a lot of technology when they create these presentations. They use PowerPoint, MovieMaker and sometimes even free software they find on the Internet. They use language skills. Their writing and communication skills are constantly honed. I believe these skills are one set of the many things outside of the 'core' curriculum that is important to teach our students. I believe being a strong communicator can give them a 'leg up' in the world beyond high school. I hope using the Concept Attainment Model will help me teach them not only the skills they need, but the importance of those skills. I'll post more after I've gone through this (six times :-) tomorrow. I expect each group of students will be unique, as they always are.. but especially after observing Janette's film today, I expect they will learn - and that's what our journey in education is all about.


Lesley Lea said...

I liked using the concept attainment model and my students enjoyed working through the process with me. I am not sure how much I will be able to use this model in my classroom. I look forward to watching all of the videos that everyone is making. Good luck tomorrow.

Brenda Leigh said...

Good post. I too feel that the students learn a good deal in the lesson. I know I learned much as I worked up the lesson and thought about the positive and negative examples that would lead to a good definition for the concept. See you in class Monday.