Tuesday, October 6, 2009

{Grad School Post} Concept Development Model

This model takes me away from the normal atmosphere of my classroom (as did the concept attainment model). I'm sure I've said before - EAST is a student-directed learning environment so I seldom put the whole class together for a "traditional" lesson. However, I felt like using these models to teach some of the standards/material I usually teach in a small group or
one-on-one manner would be beneficial and possibly even become something I would use on a more regular basis.

I will use the concept development model to facilitate learning about software. Students in EAST work with audio and video editing, GPS/GIS, CAD, webdesign and publishing software to name a few. I plan to use this model to help reinforce their knowledge of the software packages they have available in the lab and also connecting what types of projects can be accomplished using these various technologies (Environmental And Spatial Technologies is what EAST stands for - for those of you unfamiliar with this course. I belive the grouping and re-grouping of the software available will aid them in their pursuit to solve problems that are a large component of the EAST pedagogy.


Brenda Leigh said...

This lesson was different from the first but I liked the way the students got into coming up with a list of words for the concept. Some of the models will be more of what you will be able to use than others. I liked this one over all and believe it will be one I will use again.

Lesley Lea said...

Let us know how it goes after you do the lesson.