Monday, October 19, 2009

{Grad School Post} Problem-Centered Inquiry

Problem-centered inquiry is what happens in an EAST classroom everyday. Well, it’s what we WANT to happen everyday J. Students use community-service projects that include technology and integrate other curricular areas to learn problem-solving skills, technology, collaboration and critical thinking skills. As a facilitator, I do my best to guide them to resources that will enable their success. I am going to try to film several different groups this week while they work on various problems. I believe I’ll see all the ‘steps’ listed in the text as we work.


Brenda Leigh said...

Good for you, I look forward to seeing what you came up with. See you in class on Monday.

Lesley Lea said...

Yes, I can see where this would be the model for EAST. It is nice to work on a model when you are comfortable with it.