Sunday, November 1, 2009

{Grad School Post} Synectics

As I've worked and worked and worked on my lesson plans for teaching the Synectics model I've learned at least one thing - I am NOT good at analogies :-) Oh, I remember all the ones I've grown up with: dumber than a box of rocks, slower than a snail, smarter than a whip - you get the picture. I don't do a great job with thinking of them myself though. Maybe had some wise instructor used this model to teach me more in my youth I would be better at it?

For those educators out there that don't remember this model, first you have your students brainstorm descriptive words about your chosen topic. Oh, never mind - if you're interested - look it up. My head spins too much to repeat it all... but here's hoping that by using it with MY students - I'll help them be better at using their thinking caps to conjure up analagies better than me!

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Brenda Leigh said...

I was lucky with the analogy part because my book gave a few examples and I was able to then come up with a couple of them myself. This I think really added to the lesson. I used the 2nd one in the book which said to make the strange familiar, and I believe it really worked for my students.