Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Tomorrow we'll return to school. Those of us that aren't graduating in May (some won't actually graduate, but will "complete their eligibility" as my husband says of those that pretend they are receiving a diploma when they walk across that stage, plus underclassmen and us crazy teachers that return year after year : ) have NINE weeks left until summer break.
Nine weeks seems like eternity to me right now, AND it seems like a split second. There are projects to complete, projects to plan for next year, presentations to work on and present, scheduling for next year, spring activities (banquets, track meets, prom, graduation, etc.), and the dreaded "packing of" the lab. And all this has to happen with teenagers that have basically lost their minds!

Similar to the week before Spring Break, the last nine-weeks of the school year is a mixture of trying to "take care of business" while living with anticipation similar to the week before Christmas the WHOLE TIME! I'm looking forward to this time.. but can certainly use your prayers!


Me....bunny said...

Oh man!, I know the feeling.I work at a Middle school so there are only 2 grades..7th and 8th a total of only 750 students. Up until now, this years has been pretty quiet as far a schools go, but I know that after spring break..all hell will brake loose and "situations" will Steady as she goes..right?
have a great week.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I came by the other day and tried to leave a comment on here and it would not take so here goes again...hahaha
Hope your doing well and that these next few months are not all that bad. Like Bunny says Steady as she
Isn't she the character.
Take care