Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mom, Dad, Children... and animals

We have pets. I know, lots of people have pets... and I'm sure most people out there love theirs as much as we love ours. We have a bit of a problem though - we seem to always add more. I am still in the stage of trying to decide what is interesting in my life to "blog" about, and our pets seemed to be the most obvious thing to talk about today.

Why? Well... I'm writing my blog while Husband and Daughter are off on a short errand to PetCo to buy a new "pet carrier" for the cats/ferrets to share (cat #2 must go to the vet tomorrow to be spade, as she has decided she wants to explore the outdoors and has been an inside cat until now) - and I'm sitting up in my bed (I have a back injury that keeps my home time here most of the time) and the dogs in the family are sleeping around me. The Dachsund who is 14 and pretty much lies here whether I'm home or not :-) The Jack Russell Terrier who lies here when she needs a rest from jumping up and down and running approximately 20 mph wherever she's going. And the sweet Chow/Shepard mix who barks when she hears something she thinks we need to be protected from in her loud, deep voice (but immediately runs to my side in case it's something TOO scary!).

I mentioned the cats... they both belong to my daughter. #1 is a beautiful calico who is approximately 13-years-old - and #2 is her daughter. The baby... is about 6-years-old and solid black with beautiful green eyes, which as I said, has decided she must venture into the wild (backyard) and we hate to keep her locked up, so we're going to try it out!

Last but not least, the newest additions to the family. Our son must have been homesick during his freshman year in college (yea, right) because he decided to adopt a Ball Python (21 inch baby at the time...) and they are both home for the summer (baby snake, is now about 3 feet long and MUCH larger around what used to be a "skinny" middle) - and already, Dad and I have had to baby-sit one week that included a feeding (yes, it's scary and gross!) I have a feeling because of this menagarie our children have grown up with we might be grandparents to many animals before our grandchildren come along.... *sigh* And, last - but certainly not least... the two brand new ferrets! They needed to be adopted! How could we leave them? Someone might not have taken them who would give them the love we are! Yes... I'm beginning to figure out why my parents shake their heads at our little household "zoo". But which one/ones would I do without?

When I figure out how to add them... pics will come later - and you'll see that they are all so adorable - you'll understand how we ended up with so many!

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StitchinByTheLake said...

Insanity does not run in this family - just wanted to be sure you knew that! mom